Blackout Blinds and Roller Blind Installations in Gloucester | Which Blinds to Choose for Your Property

Choosing the right blinds for your windows involves more than just picking the ones you like. Different window types and sizes can greatly influence the type of blinds that will work best in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you have large picture windows, small casements, or unique bay windows, there are blinds suited for each.

The team at EJ Blinds is on hand to help. Our blinds company specialises in services throughout Gloucester, including roller blind installations, motorised blinds, perfect-fit blind fitting, perfect-fit shutters, blackout blinds, and thermal blinds. We also fit outdoor awnings, such as acrylic awnings and Dutch canopies.

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Standard Rectangular Windows

Horizontal blinds are a versatile option for typical rectangular windows found in most homes. Wooden or aluminium Venetian blinds are also popular choices. Wood blinds add warmth and elegance, while the metal options are sleek and modern. Roller blind installations are also a great option, offering a clean look and easy operation.

Bay Windows

Due to their unique shape, these architectural features often require custom blinds. Tailor-made blinds, like individual panels that fit each section of the bay, can be ideal. Alternatively, you can opt for separate blinds for each window section within the bay, allowing for independent control of light and privacy.

French Windows

French windows reach from floor to ceiling and can be best complemented by long drapery or vertical blinds. The latter are practical for French doors as they can be pulled aside easily for access and offer excellent light control. They also come in various materials and styles to suit different decor preferences.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and swing outward. Therefore, it’s important to have dressings that won't obstruct the opening mechanism. Roller blinds or Roman shades work well for casement windows, providing a neat and unobtrusive appearance when raised.

Picture Windows

These are large, fixed windows designed to offer expansive views. They don't typically require frequent adjustments for light control. Therefore, you can choose blinds primarily for decorative purposes. Honeycomb blinds or Roman shades can add softness and style to picture windows without detracting from the view.


Skylights bring natural light into a room and pose unique challenges when selecting blinds. Blackout blinds are the most popular, designed to fit these angled windows and provide light control. They come in various colours to complement the surrounding décor and can be operated manually or via remote control.

Our Window Dressing Solutions

EJ Blinds is only a phone call away if you’re unsure which style best suits your Gloucester home. Our blinds company can help with:

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  • Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

  • Perfect Fit Shutters

  • Blackout Blinds

  • Thermal Blinds

  • Outdoor Awnings

  • Dutch Canopies

  • Acrylic Awnings

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